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Yulia's Comeback

Ukrainian political leader and former premier, Yulia Tymoshenko, was released from prison a couple of months ago after the Maidan uprising and the ouster of Yanukovich, and is now one of two lead contenders for President of Ukraine.  Even though she is going against an oligarch with little or no political experience, Tymoshenko is not considered the favorite in this race, but she has the political skills, bravado and steely determination to pull out a victory on May 25.  Don't bet against Tymoshenko despite the odds, as she is already this year's comeback person of the year.

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Rep. Adam Smith's Connections

From now until filing week, Commoner will be writing about Rep. Adam's Smith's connections to America's oligarchy here on Commoner and on our Eye on Congress blog.  We will be perusing the Federal Election Commission's website with regularity trying to figure out who of the richest of the rich are giving Smith money, and which corporations are supporting him.  Remember, Smith voted for the Wall Street bail-outs, despite that most average citizens here in the 9th District of Washington and America at large were against them.  As you know, the financial crisis of October, 2008 brought about this plan by the oligarchy, the Bush II White House, and majorities in Congress to bail out the banks and investment companies that had bamboozled commoners with or getting mortgages.  Thereby, these bankers and financiers enriched themselves in a variety of illegal or shady ways, such as giving themselves and their executives million and multi-million dollar bonuses before and after …

Why Was the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago Looking at the '04 Ninth District Primary in Washington?

The 9th District of Washington is half of a continent away from Chicago, Illinois, but several years ago, in 2010 or 2011, or both, Commoner believes that the office of the United States Attorney in Chicago was looking at the aftermath of the mysterious '04 9th District G.O.P. primary in Washington state.  An election that was stolen from the actual winner, Mark Greene, and handed to Paul Lord.  Why would this office, far outside the Western Washington Court jurisdiction, be conducting an investigation, if that's what it was, into the '04 primary?  United States attorneys are hardly known for worrying or caring about election fraud in general, let alone a little primary in another state in which neither of the candidates were given much of a chance to defeat the incumbent, Rep. Adam Smith, and had no real backing from the state or national Republican party (Lord had token backing from the state Republican party).  This is another question that is being posed about that pri…