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Candidate Fees & Petition Requirements

High filing fees or petition requirements for candidates running for office are something that people who really believe in democracy should be concerned about, because excessive filing fees and signature requirements put certain offices out of reach for many citizens, and leaves the government the exclusive property of corporatists and their lobbyists, and the rich in general. In a democracy, or a republic if you will, every citizen should have a plausible opportunity to run for office, and the opportunity to run for office should not be put out of reach by the rich and elitists in government, or the establishment if you will, that are making rules that have the effect of forbidding low-income, unemployed and poor people to run for office. This is why Mark is sponsoring Initiative to the People 1075 this year and sponsored Initiative to the Legislature 432 last year. Moreover, there should be public financing of county, state and federal campaigns, and local jurisdictions with fairly…