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Publication of Chairman's Biography

The publishing of Mark Greene's biography has started today on a Yahoo site - . The name of the biography is "Red Wings," in relation to the close proximity of Mark's childhood home in Detroit to Olympia Stadium, where the Detroit Red Wings hockey team once played. This neighborhood, a little out of the way from the tourist areas since this is not downtown Detroit, nor the cultural center where Wayne State University and the Institute of Arts is, but it was a kind of an international gathering place, since many Canadians crossed the Detroit river from Windsor, Ontario to see the Red Wings. Red Wings became an insight into how Mark viewed the world, in relation to the physicality and competitiveness of hockey, international neighbors, great athletes and famous people who really inspire people such as the Red Wings' Gordie Howe, and how hockey, generally, relates to politics and life. You can see "Red Wings" by clicking …

Seattle PI Shields Murray's Foreign Policy Stance

As "Senator" Mark Greene criticized Patty Murray for voting for the India nuclear energy deal, which authorizes our nation to provide nuclear energy materials to a nuclear armed nation that has always defied and continually defies the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (see "Seattle PI Censors the Party of Commons" essay), it appears the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is going out of their way to support a political candidate by censoring Mark's comments. The Party of Commons hopes that the rest of the media in Washington will not go along with this kind of censorship, which would only lower journalistic standards.

Despite India's (and others nation's) intransigence regarding the NPT, not even joining the treaty in which the overwhelming majority of nations have signed, our nation also has not lived up to its obligations under the NPT. The Bush rule, with the likes of former official John Bolton and his crowd being influential, has especially either undermine…

Seattle PI Censors the Party of Commons

The Corporate Mainstream News Media, in the name of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper in this instance, has always downplayed the campaigns of Mark Greene and the Party of Commons in their election reporting, and they are now censoring the comments of the Party of Commons.

This is essentially what we wrote (we didn't make a copy of the original statement, so it is not word for word):

Why is the Seattle PI so interested in the politics of Alaska and New York when it just so happens that there is a senatorial contest gearing up in Washington for the 2010 election? A contest between the sitting senator, Patty "Wall Street Bail-out" Murray, and one challenger so far, "Senator" Mark Greene of the Party of Commons (yes, it's true, you don't have to be in the U.S. Senate to be considered a senator - just look up the dictionary definition). The Party of Commons will be going through Murray's record in the Senate with a fine tooth comb to show the diff…