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One Continuous Thread

Ensconced in L.A. as registrar/county clerk, former King County elections director, Dean Logan, who presided over the Rossi - Gregoire imbroglio, also presided over the other curious election of '04 (the 9th Congressional District G.O.P. primary) that the mainstream news media has successfully hidden, is rather unsurprisingly surrounded by more controversy. The thread in which scandal in King County was woven is continuous and Logan's understudies, Huff, McConnell et al., have taken up where Mr. Logan left off; in other words, it's all one continuous thread called "Logan-Huff." Meanwhile, the media (and their sycophants) that didn't tell the public anything at all about the primary stolen from Mark Greene in '04 silently laughs as they figure this year's director of elections campaign will not unveil the relevant facts of '04. They may be right, this story, that even Mark knew nothing about until the summer of 2010, may never get out as fully as …