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Campaign News Is Spreading Fast

Despite the determination of the corporate mainstream news media and their blogosphere sycophants to keep this story from coming to light, the news of Mark Greene's write-in campaign for sheriff is spreading fast around the county and creating excitement about the possibility of a new sheriff come the beginning of 2010. We never imagined that the internet and old-fashioned word-of-mouth communication could work this quickly, but our supporters are sending e-mail, posting on their sites, talking in coffee shops and building a quick and growing momentum for a write-in campaign that's improving in degree day by day.

Keep up the good work and please ask for a copy or copies of the election candidacy petition to be mailed to you. The sooner we get those signatures in to the Elections Department, the more the mainstream news media will have to give Mark's campaign credence.

Mark Greene for Sheriff Committee
P.O. Box 612
Bellevue, WA 98009


The Party …

Difference Minimal

The word is starting to get out that Obama's "change" slogan during the '08 campaign was some kind of Orwellian sleight of hand. This president's policies doesn't look a whole lot different than his unimpressive (putting it kindly) predecessor. The continuation of Bush Jr.'s misguided policies, the authoritarian outlook, the unlawful surveillance of American dissidents, the build-up of the empire (they're actually building another Vatican-sized embassy overseas), are all there. As for some of you more enlightened Democrats, still think we don't need a strong third political party? Please, see David Swanson's article, "Bush's Third Term?"at "" (can see by clicking on title link, above).

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Blog News XIX

Please, see our "Southern Northwest Commons" blog (click on the title link, above) for the official announcement of the Mark Greene for Sheriff write-in campaign, which was made today, the 1st of September. News about the Marine veteran's campaign will be both on "Southern Northwest Commons" and this main blog, "Commoner."

We will need our supporters to e-mail or write us if they would be willing to sign an election candidacy petition. The sooner the petition is turned into the Elections Department, the better, because that would bring more publicity and interest in Mark's campaign, and increase the likelihood that it would be taken seriously by voters who want choices in elections.

"Commons" e-mail:

Southern Northwest Commons:

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The PI's "Conduct Unbecoming" Series

Even though the internet remnants of the Seattle PI news organization have little to say for it, the Post Intelligencer, nonetheless, did one of the best investigative stories about police corruption in the United States with its "Conduct Unbecoming" series several years ago. Sheriff Sue Rahr was in the middle of that fiasco and it is amazing that she was elected as sheriff in 2005 despite her less than sterling involvement in it. Citizens of King County may want to remember that investigative work by the PI as a new election unfolds (please, see the link below or click on the title link above, where further links to articles can be found).

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Inching Towards a Run

Mark Greene is slowly inching towards the role of the reluctant candidate for sheriff in order to keep the wheels of democracy on track in King County. When it looked liked neither the gotham King County Council nor Sheriff Rahr would face competition in elections this year, the Party of Commons came in almost single-handedly to keep democracy from ebbing away entirely in our section of our increasingly authoritarian nation. A decision on an active run for sheriff as a write-in candidate is still not definite until the certification of the primary ballots on September 2nd, but Mark is getting the procedural paperwork, websites, and campaign apparatus ready just in case the decision is affirmative. In a throwback to the archetypical lonely sheriff of yesteryear, Mark and the Party of Commons, without fanfare, have in the electoral sense, taken on the role of defenders of democracy.

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