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"Commons" Preparing to Take "State" to Court, Again

As we explained in our previous essay, the secretary of state, Sam Reed, is preparing a grab bag of suppressive electoral changes that will negatively affect minor parties. The Greens, Libertarians and Progressives were already upset about the conduct of the secretary of state's office in relation to how his office deals with minor parties; now, Reed is preparing to make things worst. It seems this secretary of state wants to effectively keep minor parties off of election ballots. We have little doubt that the "Republi-crats" in the Legislature will go along with Reed's changes, which will inevitably set up a court challenge in 2010.

If the choices for our candidates in proclaiming a party when filing for office are only Democrat and Republican, or listing no party, the Party of Commons will probably be in Superior Court objecting to not being able to list our party name on the ballot. We may reconsider a court challenge if the minor party petition requirement that Re…

Sam Reed Trying to Undo "Top 2"

So it was all a ruse. Washington Secretary of State, Sam Reed, pretended like he was a friend of minor parties by supporting the "Top 2" Primary in the primary and general election last year, but is now trying to shape his own peculiar version of elections and political parties, with the help of his friends in the Washington Legislature, instead of following the initiative rules which the people of Washington voted in. The present law brought forward by an initiative and approved by the U.S. Supreme Court put minor parties on a theoretical par with major parties in the election process, but now Reed is trying to undo everything with a series of unequal rules that would drive minor party candidates back to using petitions in order to get on the ballot.

This is not all, Reed is proposing increased minimum vote quotas whether or not a candidate comes in first or second place in the primary (and a quota requirement for precinct committee officers in a general election), tryin…