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Constantine and the Seattle Authoritarians

We were right about our lack of enthusiasm for County Executive Dow Constantine from the get-go, when we urged voters to support another candidate (Phillips) instead of him in the 2009 Primary for King County Executive, and in retrospect, should have supported a write-in candidate for the General Election, if nothing but to protest, but little did we know that Constantine would turn out to be an anti-commoner/anti-poor people authoritarian.  Constantine has kicked poor people off the buses in downtown Seattle in a massive way (ending the free downtown zones) and hasn't lifted a finger to help homeless people in the county.  Moreover, he was part of the gang in 2011 that kept the Director of Elections election under wraps and out of view from the public (so that he and his henchmen in high places could control Elections along with Sherril Huff), an election that was uniquely vilified in '11 and completely disrespected by anti-democracy kingpins in the county, including Constant…

Unbelievable Defeat of California Anti-GMO Initiative

It's quite unbelievable to realize that California defeated the GMO mandatory labeling initiative, which lost by several percentage points.  The corporate behemoth, Agribusiness and the Colossus of the Bizarre, Monsanto, spent many millions of dollars in deceitful advertising, filled with distortions and untruths, to keep the public at large uninformed about the dangers of GMO food, which is genetically engineered (this is not mainstream cross pollination agriculture that has been practiced for centuries by farmers). 

Now, Washington will try its hand at an anti-GMO initiative.  We must succeed where California failed, although the sponsor of this initiative (I-522), Chris McManus, is getting off to a bad start since he can't even manage to return the phone call of a supporter -- me.  I'll try again, however.  The initiative is not very likely to succeed if the ringleaders can't even return phone calls or answer e-mails from like-minded folks.  People who are intereste…

Washington Could Decide Close Presidential Election

Washington State allows ballots to be mailed in right up to midnight of the day following Election Day, and although we think this is an acceptable policy, there are potential problems with this system, such as possible phony postmarks on envelopes, wherein private postal meters would be the most susceptible to being manipulated; also, the fact that voters from some areas may have the ability, logistically, to mail in their ballots right up until the last minute, but others not, which appears to be a little unfair.  If twelve electoral votes could decide the race between Obama and Romney by late evening, today (Pacific Standard Time), don't be surprised if one or the other of these campaigns, or both, wages a late effort to get reluctant Washington voters to mail in their ballots by 12:00 A.M., especially if the numbers in Washington look reasonably close; a tactic that Seattle mayoral candidate, Mike McGinn, presently mayor, used in 2009.

Note: Mark Greene, Chairman of the Party o…