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"Commons" Helps to Register, At Least, 500th Person

The Party of Commons reached a milestone, today, by paving the way for the first-time voter registration of, at least, the 500th citizen from Washington state since 2004.  Primarily, within the geographic boundary of what is presently the 9th Congressional District, but also in what presently comprises the 1st, 6th, 7th and 8th Districts.  "Commons" has additionally helped thousands of already registered voters update their registrations so that they would have no problems with being able to vote.


Due to revised calculations in recent days, "Commons" now believes that anywhere from 500 - 800 first-time registrants were helped in the registration process by our organization; therefore, the best guess for the actual number is halfway between those two numbers, or 650.

[Updated on 5/15/14; previously revised on 6/17/14]:

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