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Lost In 2016 Style Translation

Maddow-lation: Translating through Propaganda
(But We're Not All Immigrants)
Rachel Maddow (MSNBC-TV) actually had the temerity to say that we (meaning Americans) are all immigrants; I think she qualified that, a little, with the word "basically," but even with that qualifier, that's not really right. 

No, we're not all immigrants, not even Maddow, I think.  Anybody born on American soil, or to an American citizen parent, is not an immigrant, of course.  But even with her "basically" qualifier, millions of Americans don't have the slightest or much connection to immigration, and of course Native Americans, such as myself, partly from the Cherokee nation, being from this land originally, would be the first to give the rejoinder to Maddow's questionable statement.  Additionally, black people with ancestors from early America, including me as well, are not really from immigration, as immigration and slave ships going across the Atlantic are distinctl…

Queen of Self-Righteousness

Update:  "Commoner" is supporting no candidate for president this year, yet.  Looking at candidates on the ballot beyond the 4 most talked about in the media. 

Why does Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC-TV, care so much about where in America Donald Trump campaigns?  She practically wants to make it a scandal because Trump campaigns in Mississippi and Washington state, as if she were his campaign manager.  Last I heard, Mississippi and Washington were still part of the United States.  If it were up to Rachel Maddow's logic, I wouldn't run for anything, since hardly anybody ever gives me a chance of winning anything, but I had a few upsets, thank you, including two major party primaries/nominations for Congress in Alaska.  I say this not even being a supporter of Trump, but Maddow's trying to peg where Trump should campaign is part and parcel of Maddow's smugness/arrogance in reporting political news.  Maddow is interesting often enough, but when she starts being self-r…