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Blog News XXXIII

See latest blog update, below (posted 5/19/10).

Hello to faithful readers and supporters of the Party of Commons.  As Mark's campaign for state representative is turning into a crucial phase, as he must get the word out about the campaign in the district, get contributions to ensure a healthy campaign, and get on the ballot, the Party of Commons is allocating more of our time to these efforts than to blogging, but keep checking since we may be back to our usual blogging pace in a matter of time.  In the meantime, we are using Twitter more than we used to, and we will try to post something daily on Twitter as well as keep our supporters up-to-date with our blogs through that source.

More people everyday in the 41st District are learning about the Party of Commons and becoming quite interested in our little party since frustration with the two corporate major parties is at an all-time high.  If ever there was a year for a third party to be successful in elections, this is it.  Fortu…

Mark Awaiting Labor Board Endorsement Decision

On April 14th, state representative candidate for the 41st District, Mark Greene, gave a strong presentation to the Washington State Labor Council, as he told them he would work hard for labor interests if elected.  Mark was interviewed for about 30 minutes as he answered the various questions concerning labor. Mark vigorously supported the unemployment insurance system and the workers' rights to these benefits when needed, among his answers to other questions from the interviewing group. He also said that among the fixes needed for the economy was getting rid of the trade globalization pacts (such as WTO and NAFTA).  The council will be making their decision sometime next month.

Please, contribute to Mark's simultaneous State Representative (2010 - 41st District) and Secretary of State (2012) campaigns. For "Secretary" campaign, click on the title link above and make selections of how you want to donate. For Representative campaign, send check or money order to P.O.…