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"Eddie Munster" Is Trying To Get Our Social Security

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan, is trying to get our Social Security program and throw it in the garbage heap.  After Trump betrayed his populist base and aligned with "Eddie Munster" and "Turtle" (Mitch McConnell) to enact the "Rich Guys' Tax Cuts" by statute, the deficit will increase by at least a Trillion Dollars.  After just willingly blowing up the deficit, "Eddie Munster" is already popping off about "entitlement reform," again, which is really code for dismantling our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid rights & benefits, among other important social safety net programs for the middle class and poor, such as Nutrition Aid/S.N.A.P.

You would think those people in "Eddie Munster's" Wisconsin district and Kentuckians, regarding "Turtle," would vote those two out of office.  As for Trump, he has pretty much betrayed his base; not that …

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