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R.C.P. Supports Cotton - Perdue RAISE Act

The Tom Cotton -  David Perdue RAISE Act: it's not a perfect bill, it doesn't go nearly far enough to limit legal immigration, but it's probably the best we can get in our unfortunately newly globalized politics that has almost turned American institutions and values completely up-side-down in the last 40-or-so years.

For how uncontrolled, unfettered mass immigration is sadly spelling the end of our American Republic, see our (the Revived Citizens Party) America-Centric Progressive-Conservative post, "Gloomy Globalism."

Post-Script:  Speaking of old American traditions lost, our annual 21st Century pet peeve around this time of year is how the radical left-wing has turned Halloween into a bizarre adult affair instead of the creatively fun-filled, not taken too seriously, just-for-kids holiday of old.  Give Halloween back to the kids!  Thank you.

Revived Citizens Party blog:  America-Centric Progress Conservative

[Revised on 10/17/17.]

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