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More craziness about the Middle East, with Trump one minute saying he wants to get us out of Syria, and the next minute he's threatening Russia over Syria, and he also says our relations with Russia are worst than the Cold War.  That's not a triumph for his administration.  The Cold War featured the Cuban Missile Crisis, which almost brought us back in time to the 1st Century, A.D.  Trump's first inclination was right, we need to get out of Syria, and as far as the latest drum beats for war are concerned, why would the Assad regime test practically the entire world when they appear to be on the throes of winning the civil war there?  It doesn't make sense.

Speaking of not making sense, Bush II & Obama overthrowing or helping to overthrow Arab nationalist, secular dictators would be tops in stupidity since the beginning of the 21st century.  That led to nothing but chaos, turmoil, instability and destabilization of the Middle East and Europe.  Trump talked a good gam…

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