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Michiganders May Reject a Conyers Dynasty

I remember John Conyers' first campaign when I was a kid in central Detroit in 1964, with his posters everywhere, so now, Conyers is resigning after being accused of sexual improprieties, has been in Congress for longer than a half-a-century, and of course wants to hand down his congressional seat to his son, John Conyers III.  The Conyers family has already been advantaged by the patriarch's name by winning and occupying various political seats, presently and in the past, in the Detroit area, and now they want to extend this monarchical endowment by possibly keeping Conyers' name in Congress for a hundred years (his great nephew is also interested in the representative seat).  All of this is a close kin of nepotism, and may be soundly rejected by Michiganders in the special election for Conyers' seat.  With any luck, that is; at least the possibility of two different Conyers on the ballot (son and great nephew) would help to stymie any planned dynasty.

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