May Day Crises

The globalist-inspired May Day hooligans who rioted in the streets of Western U.S. cities are truly a part of the growing internationalist factions who are trying their level best to remake America in their own ultra-liberal/radical image.  The home-grown cultural liberals who are fostering this radicalism and "anything goes" philosophy have no clue about the Frankenstein they are creating for themselves, but especially for their descendants in the not-too-distant future.  For instance, with their "do-gooder" policies, do they really want an America that has population numbers the likes of India or China?  Well, damn near none of these liberals are emigrating to either of those countries, so if they succeed beyond their wildest dreams to turn America into the type of countries they wouldn't step foot in, let alone live in, don't be surprised if Trump era nostalgia, even by them, will one day be the new craze.  Give credit where credit is due, however, at le…

Hollywood Cranks

Watching the Tucker Carlson Show on FOX-TV the other day, Carlson was needling Hollywood-types for promoting the "open-door" policy and being unabashedly critical of President Trump.  He was pretty much making the point that rich Hollywood does not have to compete for jobs, housing, or generally deal with the other, more or less, onerous circumstances of basically granting settlement rights to the worldwide multitudes outside of America.  Good point, Tucker.

[Revised on May 3, 2017.]

Not-That-Liberal Liberals

One of the most surprising developments about the presidency of President Trump is seeing all his sanctimonious critics ranting and raving so early in time, particularly the so-called liberals and militant left-wingers who should have photos of their leading spokespersons next to the word "hypocrite" in the dictionaries.  Even the New England/Texas miscreants & crime family, the Bushes, had a little honeymoon period, but not Trump for some reason. 

The so-called left has always been the nastiest of the various political spectrums that I've witnessed in my time in politics since 1976: much rancor, disregard for decorum & courtesies, and little if any tolerance for dissenting views. Former third party politician & consumer activist, Ralph Nader, has implied much the same thing, notably speaking about Democrats.

It's been amazing these past few days that some of the liberals have even criticized the president for saying the truth regarding our country's p…

Media Nonsense and Lady Liberty

A domestic publication had President Trump blowing out the torch of Lady Liberty, and foreign publications have their own variations, cartoonish, distorting or otherwise, that reach the same conclusion, which basically feeds the narrative that Trump's tightening up a bit the open door policy, though hardly closing it, is somehow radical or unprecedented.  However, the open door policy is basically something that has been practiced in the last few decades, as America from 1920 to 1980, more or less, had a modest to moderate √©migr√© policy and never saw the likes of the current globalist fever during those 60-or-so years, and really has never seen the likes of it at all, as this generation's policies have even outpaced the Ellis Island days of the turn of the 20th century -- so much for perspective by the liberal media, that plants a false Lady Liberty narrative in order to further their globalist ideologies.

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Americanism vrs. Globalism

The liberal globalist cabal who harp and carp about President Trump and his America-first, anti-globalist policies, have thus far managed (with the help of so-called conservative Republicans, by the way) to engineer a globalism that has almost doubled the populous since the 1976 Bi-centennial (even with the lowered birth rate brought about by so-called pro choice-ism), increased housing costs throughout America, increased homelessness, made it harder for college graduates and non-graduates alike to get jobs, but doubly harder for non-graduates & non-elite citizens generally. Even foreign/non-citizen globalists have the temerity to pronounce, inside or outside of America, that there is some kind of international right to settle in America, believe it or not. 

The political struggle for whether America will remain American or become purely Globalist continues, and even though the globalists have practically all the victories so far, it seems as though they won't be content until…

Who Is Going to Sanction Home-Grown Election Manipulators?

The Obama regime, in a snit because their candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not win the presidential election, is pretty much blaming Russia for her loss, and is now placing sanctions on the huge European/Asian nation.  Russia is being blamed for hacking e-mails from Clintonistas & Democratic Party officials, and orchestrating other schemes that affected the national election.  Nevertheless, the Obama Regime Justice Department, taking the baton from the George W. Bush Regime Justice Department, has not lifted one finger in trying to figure out who is responsible for actually manipulating official election numbers in past American elections (including Congressional elections and the 2004 Presidential Election), in other words, actually changing the vote count to switch the outcome of elections, something quite more serious than disclosing private e-mails or even sending out fake news, the latter being something that the conventional news media has been doing for centuries, but now al…

Dave Chappelle's Monologue: Doubtful or Just Outright Lie?

Some people can say almost anything, and get away with it because they have a certain status, like being a celebrity on "Saturday Night Live."  Chappelle mentioned the educator Booker T. Washington's visit to the White House when Theodore Roosevelt was president.  Chappelle said that after Roosevelt received all kinds of flak for having Washington in the White House, he used a familiar racially derogatory term to refer to the famous black educator/activist.  This after Roosevelt and his family just had dinner with Washington in the White House.  Where did Chappelle get this from?  Which if false, is essentially defaming the late President Roosevelt.  I think it's false.  In all the books that I have read about this event that happened in the early 1900s, I have never read one account of Roosevelt referring to Washington like that.  Like I said, some people like Dave Chappelle can say just about anything, but it doesn't make it true.

Also: our "Theodore Rex po…