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"Journalistic" Backwater

The - failed newspaper turned into second-rate "news" website - is somewhat popular in Seattle, but a very biased so-called news site that poses as journalism. Not only have they practically not reported on "Commons's" campaigns and probably other political campaigns that are not politically attuned to their biases, they are practicers of censorship. Along with other particularly dubious publications in the Puget Sound area, they have become a non-objective and non-progressive backwater for ultra-liberals. It's a shame that a name, Post-Intelligencer, that has had a long history in Seattle, has come to being anything but what they have nominally been in the past, an independent news source.

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"Commons" May Become More Wary of Endorsing

As a small political party which does not have anywhere near sufficient numbers to field candidates for every major political position even in one state, the Party of Commons has resorted to endorsing non-"Commons" political candidates to make it known whom we would prefer, among the eligible candidates, to be in office. Our non-"Commons" endorsements are really just a choice between what's available, not necessarily a strong affirmation of a particular candidate.

Many candidates whom we endorsed in the past, Barack Obama for example, we would vote out at the first opportunity if someone better came along. As for Obama (whom we seriously considered only for the general election), it was really between him and John McCain, which meant, opposite McCain, a candidate would have had to have been completely off-the-wall not to favor him or her. Even under those stark choices, we said vote for Ralph Nader or one of the minor party candidates in the all-but-decided s…