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Dubious Scientific Experiments

Some of the more bizarre science fiction stories out of Hollywood may eventually look tame compared to what is going on in the laboratories of universities, colleges, and biotechnology centers, which seem to be places where playing God is an unfortunate pastime. On the radio the other day, some financier was talking about how his science project was working on changing the evolutionary make-up of coming generations of human beings, supposedly so that humans can adapt to their environments. This involved man-made schemes to manipulate and change the human body; pro-active evolution, if you will. Then there is the genome project where they are mapping out every possible gene, and there is no telling what kind of bizarre plans that the wizards of this intrusive biological project have in mind for their obvious desire to be the masters of every possible destiny.

In Europe, with a significant monetary contribution from Uncle Sam, they might be spawning wormholes and black holes through th…