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Romney & Ryan: New Deal Crushers

As much as we don't care for the present administration in power, if the American people are crazy enough to put Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan into high office come November, we'll deserve the government we end up with, including the end of the good New Deal and Great Society programs -- programs that have kept our cities, towns and townships from being replicas of Calcutta -- and the misery that comes with that.  So these two guys are going to end Social Security, Medicare, Food Assistance and other anti-poverty programs, and end what paltry programs exist now to assist young students with college expenses, so that their very rich Billionaire, Multimillionaire and Millionaire friends don't have to pay more in taxes from the pittance they pay now, or so that the New Deal Crushers, Romney & Ryan, can entirely get rid of the estate taxes which only the rich pay and keeps America from becoming an outright haven for the landed gentry, in other words, a haven for those born int…

Hollywood: a Nation's Scourge

The junk, the immorality and the overall sleaziness of Hollywood ranks among the top of the heap among causes of why our great nation, America, is rapidly scurrying off to a bottomless pit of misery, sorrow, bankruptcy, and ineptitude.  Unless America somehow puts Hollywood back on track, there is no hope of us constituting a moral rectitude that will unite our society in virtue and pride.  As Hollywood embraces their "Great Enabler," Barack Obama, and lauds him with praise and prizes, they will continue to get a pass from Uncle Sam as they slowly but steadily steer our nation off of the precipice of the cliff.  Day after day, year after year, decade after decade, the mindless junk from Hollywood floats into the minds of the young and coarsens our society to such depths of degradation that the fact of it has become practically normal in our era, though to our great dismay and regret.  We need laws, now, to put Hollywood, in both its narrowest and broadest sense, back on cour…

Revisiting Old Matters and the Next Election

It's very early to announce, but I will be running for the 114th U.S. Congress in the 9th District, the election for which takes place in 2014.  In all probability, I'll be running against "Blue Dog" Democrat Adam Smith, because he's the odds on favorite to win over Mr. Postma this November.  My platform will be economic progress, sanctions on outsourcing, phasing out nuclear energy & a gradual transfer from fossil fuel energy to clean energy, and an anti-interventionist foreign policy, among other things. This will be a return to the scene of the crime, that Adam Smith unwittingly benefitted from, since the previous time that I lived in the 9th District of Washington before the recent re-districting.  Now, the 9th District has been shifted to where I have lived for the past 7 years (the 8th District).  It was in the "old" 9th that I had the contested 2004 primary stolen from me, but ignored by the King County Elections Department and the U.S. Atto…

Free Yulia

The machinations by the regime in power in Ukraine gets more outrageous over time as former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko recently surpassed a one year period of time in jails, lockdowns and prisons on a trumped-up political charge, and she's getting more politically powerful every day despite her very confined circumstances.  You would think the Obama regime would learn from this corruption-gone-awry story in this Eastern European nation, but apparently not (in regards to my tax case as outlined in the previous post), despite their faux concern about Ms. Tymoshenko's plight as they issue tut-tuts, but nothing of real diplomatic substance that may actually be of help to Prime Minister Tymoshenko.  American politicians, on the whole, are shameless as clueless voters keep putting them back in power, and Uncle Sam's politicos couldn't hold a feather next to Tymoshenko's resoluteness, dignity and courage.

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Person In Charge of Elections Endorses Finkbeiner

It's Owen and Finkbeiner, apparently.  The Establishment and the Status Quo remain firmly entrenched, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, it's bad enough that Sam Reed, the Secretary of State, the person in charge of elections in Washington, is endorsing any candidate running for office under his jurisdiction, let alone reportedly making robo-calls on behalf of Bill Finkbeiner, and also, reportedly, made these calls to initially sound as though they were some kind of public service announcement even though they were actually paid for by Finkbeiner's campaign.  That's just wrong (and there ought to be a law against it), and one of the reasons why I should have been elected Secretary of State in '08 instead of Reed.

With the AP article about the Lieutenant Governor candidates setting up two tiers of candidates: the higher one for Owen, Finkbeiner and Anderson, and the other one for the other three candidates, including myself, you can see how a powerful biased press affects el…

Please, Vote!


With support building up for me practically as a crescendo in the last few days of the Primary, I have a feeling that this is going to be a very close election for second place, which is very important in the Top 2 scenario.  Remember, in the "Top 2" system, the second place finisher has gone onto win the General Election a number of times, but I don't have exact statistics on that.  For instance, in 2007 Sonny Putter finished second in the Primary, but ultimately won first in the General Election for Newcastle City Council (King County).  So, today, considering the obstacles that I have with an extremely biased corporate press (and it's a stretch to even give them the name "press" except that they're press agents for whichever candidates they support) and lack of sufficient campaign money due to my independent people's candidacy, 2nd place for me would not only be a victory, but a great victory.  Vote t…