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Lieutenant Governor Option Looks Most Viable for 2012

Hello Voters and Supporters of the Party of Commons,

As you know, as a true representative of the people, I am never the favorite in these elections, and this year is no different, especially with the Establishment pulling all the sleazy tricks to keep me out of office. Therefore, I always stay one step ahead, as if playing a chess game, when considering my electoral options. If I don't win the Director of Elections contest this year, I will definitely run for a statewide constitutional office next year, and I have been debating which one between these two: Secretary of State or Lieutenant Governor. At one point, I thought I would run for Secretary of State forever until I won, but with the economic ostracization that I am facing and the time involved with running for Director of Elections this year, I may have no choice but to run for the position that would be easiest to get on the ballot in 2012 with signatures, and that would be Lieutenant Governor.

If I'm elected Directo…