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Mark is Studying Redistricting

Mark Greene, preparing for a possible election victory in November, is studying the very important redistricting guide given out by the Secretary of State's office for election officials, reformers and reviewers. Redistricting is a complicated procedure, which involves changing district lines, making new maps, writing legal descriptions, updating voter registration information, balancing the latest census numbers for precinct changes, among many other obligations for election officials. Redistricting takes place every 10 years after each census, and the year 2012 is the next redistricting year. Mark stays up late nights figuring all this information out and will be ready to implement the 2012 redistricting. If elected, Mark's new management staff, which would replace several members of the Huff staff, will be sent to Olympia immediately (in November & December), before the beginning of the term in January of '12, to learn this process.

[revised on 3/5/11]

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