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Fake Compassion and the Coming 2016 Elections

The "great" antagonist of the poor in Congress and former Republican vice-presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, is suddenly compassionate, if you can believe that.  Ryan came out with a ballyhooed plan earlier this year that makes out like he's so compassionate when it comes to the poor and the needy in America, though nothing could be further from the truth.  This congressman has voted to gut just about every program on the books that keeps the poor above water, including draconian cuts to nutrition programs and so-called food stamps, actually called SNAP (they haven't printed actual stamps in decades, but the tag stays around as a way for some to demean the poor).  Of course, Ryan talks like he cares about the poor and how he is supposedly trying to come up with new ideas to relieve poverty, while at the same time doing everything possible to make life on the lower economic scale as miserable as possible, such as, with his votes, he would effectively send the great ma…