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The 2000th

The campaign committee estimates that sometime in the second half of May, on May 16th or thereafter, we reached our two thousandth signature, and therefore Mark should be well on his way to making the ballot for director of elections in King County, Washington, probably getting enough signatures by filing day to withstand a 35% invalidation rate. Mark, somewhat reluctantly, took on this campaign following controversy about an earlier petition and realizing there were serious problems in Elections. It has been an uphill climb for the election reformer who has campaigned zealously since 8/5/10. This first phase of the campaign has been long and weary, but the ol' reformer has plenty of energy to continue the next phase, starting on filing day. Mark who has been engaged in politics since the early nineteen-sixties decade, first ran for office in 1976, the year of our nation's bi-centennial.

The tornado maelstrom of 2011: a national sorrow, see "Common Ground"
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The Establishment Versus the People

Hello, voters:

The media establishment is suppressing information about my campaign for director of elections and the stolen '04 primary scandal in order to keep the status quo in place, which is why I will need you more than ever to get out the word through word-of-mouth. My request to you is to tell at least one person a day about my campaign and also request that they do the same, and as a result the fact that I am running for director will get out exponentially.

The King County elections department may try to keep me off the ballot come early June, despite well over 2000 signatures on my petition, which is why I am requesting a lawyer, able to work pro bono, to come to my assistance immediately.

The establishment has their candidate in Ms. Huff, the people, nonetheless, have me, struggling for election reform, accountability and integrity.

by Mark Greene

[revised on 5/23/11]

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