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Still in the World Police & Empire Business

(This post was first revised, about 19:30, 3/1/09, Pacific Coast Time, to explain our opinion about Defense Secretary Gate's drone tactics in Afghanistan more thoroughly, and later revised again.)

It is amazing, if you go from Dick Cheney's rule, in practicality, to that of a slightly related "cousin," according to news and genealogy reports, who shows signs of being nonetheless Cheneyesque, everybody starts throwing out laurels, practically. Even though we would still rather not have Cheneyesque policies in government, the relief from Cheney & Bush leaving the scene puts quite a few folks in a moment of ectasy that is really not called for.

So Bush has left the scene, but Obama is still not planning on undoing much of Bush's imperialistic handiwork, other than signaling some public relations gimmicks, although it is not as if leaving Bush's Defense Secretary in place, during the transition, was not a glaring signal that not much was going to change in the…

The Pelosi-crat Hoax

If ever there was an issue that showed the wide gulf between the Democrats in Congress and progressives, it would be the issue of labeling genetically engineered food. This is a simple enough proposal, which we believe has been made by Congressman Dennis Kucinich at one time or another, and one that simply tries to give the masses the right to know how thier food is produced and what it contains. What's the big deal? It's just labeling, not a proposal to ban anything. Yet, the Democrats have been in control of Congress since January of 2007, and refuse to seriously consider labeling. It is because they are under the thumb of corporations like Monsanto, who realize that people do not want GMO (genetically modified organisms) in their food, and will not eat pseudo food if given the option. Corporations practically draw up the legislation for congress persons to pass and hold those few that have the morals to defy them accountable for not kowtowing to the corporate behemoth. The …