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Blog News LIV

Updated 8/1/11

Mark's campaign website has been updated recently, particularly new information in the ideas and reforms section relating to the proposal for hand re-counts in randomly selected precincts.

A Note from Mark:

Unfortunately, given the pitiful state of journalism in the Seattle area, I may not be participating in certain media inquiries about my campaign for this election should they take place. My decision whether to participate or not, should I be asked questions or for a statement (and that's definitely not sure), will be made on a case-by-case basis for this reason: it's not fair that the media should be biased towards my director of elections campaign all year long and then suddenly, at the last minute, they need a quip or two to make it appear like they are fair. No, if they are going to be unfair, generally, then I'm not going to fall for their "Trojan Horse" like I unwisely did with the King County Bamboozler League, a.k.a. Muni League.

I h…