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Congress: A Den of Thieves

In  regards to the dangers of GMO (genetically modified) food, nukes (either armaments or energy), and fossil fuels that are warming the planet, the den of thieves in the U.S. Congress, with a handful of exceptions, are doing exactly the opposite of what should be done in responding to these crises, and in fact strengthening the corporate grip in bringing about catastrophes that have already contaminated the Gulf of Mexico with chemicals, like corexit, and the Pacific Ocean with the most onerous kinds of nuclear waste, in the last two years, and threatening even more fiascos.

The GMO food experiment in the nation is the biggest guinea pig laboratory in history and must be stopped in its tracks. You can be reasonably sure that the biotech executives that have sprung this poison pill upon us are not eating the same food as commoners and that they are hypocritically buying the much more expensive organic foods for themselves and their families. They care not a whit about the far away fu…

Blog News LIX - New Year's Day

Happy New Year to supporters of Mark Greene and the Party of Commons!  Now that the holiday season is almost over, we will be picking up the pace to get signatures for the lieutenant governor petition. Please, request a petition copy and get 2 - 10 signatures for Mark by writing to  Donations for the campaign are needed as soon as possible. Regarding another petition, we are thinking about delaying the Right to Know about GMOs in Food petition until March, as this may become a Petition to the Legislature instead of a Petition to the People, because either way it could possibly be voted on by the people, and the legislature route will buy us more time to collect signatures.  At this point, we're undecided until next Friday at the earliest.
The unfortunate persecution of Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian P.M., continues as she was transferred from a detention center in or near Kiev to a remote prison far from the capital city.
A new essay is in our blog,