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May Day Crises

The globalist-inspired May Day hooligans who rioted in the streets of Western U.S. cities are truly a part of the growing internationalist factions who are trying their level best to remake America in their own ultra-liberal/radical image.  The home-grown cultural liberals who are fostering this radicalism and "anything goes" philosophy have no clue about the Frankenstein they are creating for themselves, but especially for their descendants in the not-too-distant future.  For instance, with their "do-gooder" policies, do they really want an America that has population numbers the likes of India or China?  Well, damn near none of these liberals are emigrating to either of those countries, so if they succeed beyond their wildest dreams to turn America into the type of countries they wouldn't step foot in, let alone live in, don't be surprised if Trump era nostalgia, even by them, will one day be the new craze.  Give credit where credit is due, however, at le…