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The powerful tornado that ripped through Oklahoma and devastated towns saddened America earier this week. Our sympathetic thoughts and prayers are with Oklahoma as she rebuilds from yet another large disaster within one generation.  All of the increasingly bizarre weather across the world of late points to Global Warming, but the politicians in America do practically nothing about it.  What will it take for them to act?

UPDATE -- MEMORIAL DAY, May 27, 2013: our "Memorial" poem, in honor of our deceased servicemen and servicewomen in battle in the late 20th and early 21st centuries was published on May 24, 2009 on our Senator blog.

2ND UPDATE - June 6, 2013: since the time of this post, another series of tornadoes hit Oklahoma recently, but the Sooner State seemed better prepared in the latest tornado maelstrom, but the damage was still very bad.

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