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Musical Chairs in D.C.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing a great job as Attorney General, except for his civil forfeiture policy, so it is really dismaying that President Trump is making life a little or a lot uncomfortable for the attorney general.  Trump doesn't have a lot of friends in D.C., so why he is criticizing one of his biggest boosters since he began his run for the presidency two years ago is truly mind-boggling. 

I may agree with Trump that Sessions shouldn't have given the globalist Democratic Party what they wanted by recusing himself of the Russian matter, although I'm not aware of all the legal angles in Sessions' decision.  If anybody should be fired, it is the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, the guy who put "Agent Mueller" on Trump's case.  Trump should fire Rosenstein, but unfortunately it would be too risky, politically, to fire Robert "Agent" Mueller, who as journalist Sean Hannity reminds us, has all kinds of conflicts of interest…