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Super Delegates Equals Rigged Primary

The effective built-in for stealth of the Democratic Party presidential primary by so-called super delegates, i.e., Establishment politicians, who have no business being delegates anyway since they were not given this status by primary voters and already have more than enough power, is nothing more than a rigged election system.  By the way, the politician most likely to be negatively affected by this brazenly phony system, Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont, should never have run in the Democratic primaries anyway since he has always been an Independent and ran against both major parties in the past, but should have gone straight to the General Election as an Independent where he could have really had an impact on the feckless, so-called "Party of the People," and likely would have had an even better chance of being elected that way than through the Democratic primaries of an overall election that's looking to be a match-up of Trumpian fascism versus Clintonite sleaze. …