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Mars: They're Kidding, Right?

They're talking about traveling to the Planet Mars, again.  Buzz Aldrin, a former astronaut and one of the few and first men to walk on the Moon, in particular.  Sorry, Buzz, but the United States of America shouldn't expend one penny in trying to get to Mars.  Until mankind can assure herself that she can keep Planet Earth sustainable for human habitation in the 21st century and the forseeable future beyond, we don't have any business in extracting material resources to go on some "Robinson Crusoe" adventure to Mars that would be of little benefit to the great masses of humanity. We've got a gigantic waste dump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a symbol of a dangerous oceanic inertia that's due to a number of man-made causes; polar ice caps melting like crazy, because of global warming that the Earthly powers-that-be show little inclination to keep at par, let alone reversing; nuclear waste contamination that is threatening both the oceans and the lan…