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Rahr Wins, Though Write-in Vote Highest in Sheriff's Race

With a major assist from the corporate mainstream news media and nameless tech saboteurs not yet caught by the F.B.I., Sue Rahr has won the election for sheriff. The only point of interest is that the vote tally for write-in votes for sheriff is the only one over 2% among all county jurisdictional races, thereby the highest write-in vote total for those races in King County. Mark could have made this a race, but neither he nor "Commons" in general expected the CMNM to absolutely ignore the race.

"Commons" will be concentrating on the 2010 state legislature races in Washington state and we're busily recruiting candidates for those positions. Mark is a candidate for Secretary of State, only.

The result of this election will not affect the Greene v. Huff case as far as mootness is concerned, because of the "capable of repetition, yet evading review" standard set in case law.

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Corporate Mainstream News Media is Increasingly a Farce

It's a little unbelievable how the corporate mainstream news media managed to get through the entire general election in King County, Washington without saying a single word about the sheriff's election or the court case involving it. Their failure to report is nothing but pure partisan politics in order to keep their representation of the corporate interests that signs their paychecks at the highest possible level. They have become a farce instead of the protector of the constitutional right of free speech that they are supposed to be. The CMNM is an obstacle to democracy. You can be assured, however, that they will continue to have the gall to criticize election practices and so-called government media crackdowns in Iran or Venezuela, and other places that don't curtsy to "Uncle Sam," while ignoring the log in their own eye, to paraphrase a quote from the Redeemer in the Sermon on the Mount (Book of Matthew, 7:3-5).

At least they have to have crackdowns abroad…

Blog News XXI

The Party of Commons expresses condolence to deceased Seattle police officer's family in our Northern Pacific Report blog.

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Mark's Exploratory Campaign

Though still in the running for sheriff, Mark Greene started an exploratory campaign earlier in this autumn for secretary of state - 2012 as he realizes the sheriff's campaign is a long shot. Please, contribute whatever you can to the secretary of state campaign by sending a check to the address, below. For an idea of how Mark would run the secretary of state's office, please, see "Mark's Secretary of State Report" from 2008 in our "Turn" blog. Thank you.

Mark just happened to see Susan Hutchison in eastside King County, yesterday, campaigning on a street corner. Mark shook her hand as Hutchison apparently recognized the commoner and said she was glad to meet him. The race for county executive will probably be close enough that the winner will not be decided until after election day, so it's anybody's guess who will win.

Turn: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above)

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