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Time for Labor to Assert Thier Rights

The Washington Legislature stopped labor rights legislation recently, believe it or not, due to an e-mail. It was a pretext, of course, so on the one hand they could say they were trying to look out for the rights of workers, and on the other hand they could actually do the bidding of their Corporate Paymasters and Bosses. This law would have given workers the right to refuse to attend meetings that had no business application, but would rather be corporate propaganda. Too often labor in America is coerced into situations that have little or nothing to do with work, but everything to do with appeasing the high-handed mentality of employers who care little for thier workers or the rights of workers. Workers are often unable to collect unemployment compensation after losing their jobs for refusing to obey unjust rules or refusing to sacrifice their dignity, because the unemployment compensation rules are rigged in favor of corporations and employers who often use spurious claims of …

"Commoner" To Publish More Often

The "Commoner" web log and commentary will be posting more often as of this week, as our readers get informative viewpoints about the pressing issues of the day from the Party of Commons. We will also keep you informed about the Senate campaign of our chairman, Mark Greene, for the election of 2010.

Mark Greene will also be accepting legal assistant consultancy positions on a case-by-case basis to pay the bills for both himself and the Party of Commons, so if you need any legal forms or papers filled out, just contact Mark at for a review of your case and a possible contract.

Mark, a veteran of the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard, is also seriously considering running for the local council as an interim position between now and the possibility of becoming a U.S. senator in 2011.

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Seattle Schools Curtsies to Gates Foundation

After a big contribution to the Seattle Public Schools at the beginning of the Zeroes Decade, the Bill Gates Foundation has wielded much influence in saying how the Seattle schools should be run, basically demanding that they be in accord with Gates' technocratic-oriented ideas of education. In other words, the public schools should basically be an adjunct of Corporate America, and if the schools don't toe the line in exactly the format that Gates and Company dictate, then the spigot of money from Gates' philanthropy, now, that the government has all but run out of money, will be cut off, as it was for the Seattle Public Schools from 2000 or 2001 until the recent grant of 7.2 million dollars this month.

As the pressure to bend to the will of corporations and moguls persists, the schools no longer inspire kids to be independent thinkers, but robotic drones, ready to go off and march to the orders of corporate field marshals such as Gates, Buffett and Ellison; thereby, becom…