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Northern Elder Statesman

In his 55th year of life, "Senator" Mark Greene has decided he will not run for any other positions in the near future except, first and foremost, U.S. senator.

Mark Greene had thought about running, in 2009, for the local council again as a springboard to the U.S. Senate. He decided against it. Mark will now give his undivided attention to getting elected to the Senate, where he may take his place among some of the few elder statesman of the nation. There are not many who have earned the title of elder statesman, which doesn't necessarily equate to being a holder of a high political office. It also means having integrity, longtime experience as a statesman, legalistic principles and wisdom. Just holding a seat in Congress for many years does not automatically qualify you as an elder statesman, as many congressmen and senators have failed the test when it comes to having and upholding the aforementioned four tenets of being an elder statesman.

Not that you must have or hav…

The Economic Priority

The election is over, but the propaganda has not stopped. Various commentators and writers continue to call the "Eisenhower Democrat" who has become president-elect a socialist. Obama's campaign received large sums of funding from corporate elites, and these corporatists have hardly converted to socialism or backed a socialist. Not that there is anything wrong with being a socialist, a term that has many different variations. Anyone who believes that the rich should pay a larger percentage in taxes than those not rich could be called a socialist by the broadest definition.

Of course, President-elect Obama is correct in confronting the economic crisis as a high priority. Although, the Party of Commons was against the 700 billion dollar Wall Street bail-out; now, that it is a fait accompli, some of this money should be used to help the auto manufacturers in Detroit, even though their disastrous decisions, by and large, in prioritizing gas guzzlers over economy cars led to a…

Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee

The Mark Greene for Senate campaign will need petition signers to help Mark get on the 2010 ballot. The campaign is in the process of getting the petition set up, and it should be ready by the end of the month (Nov. of '08). If you would like to sign and generally gather signatures for the petition, please, send an e-mail (see complete profile) or write to the Commoner Local Affairs Campaign Committee at P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. We will send you a petition as soon as it is ready.

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