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Blog News XLIV

As the largely unreported story of the news of the incongruous 9th District Republican Primary for U.S. Representative in 2004 is beginning to get out, the Seattle PI, now a mere website rather than a newspaper, has taken to censoring comments as "Commons" trys to get this story out in as many venues as possible.  So what does the PI know about this long ago primary that news about it today seemingly embarrasses them?  For a review of the moribund election scandal in "Commoner," please, see the following articles:

9/20/10   The Other Curious Election of '04

9/22/10   Mark Will Request an Investigation into '04 Primary

10/3/10   Election Night: September 14, 2004

10/5/10   The Tottering Logan-Huff Regime

10/9/10   Stolen Election Paperwork Underway

10/13/10  Mark Hopeful That F.B.I. Will Pursue Election Criminals

12/11/10  The Seattle Times' Conundrum

Common Denominator:  The likely acquiescense of the "Democratic" Congress to the Obama-Republic…