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New Anti-GMO Initiative in Washington State

Update (February 18, 2016): Initiative has been assigned a number, recently, so it's Initiative No. 1456.  Need 570 volunteers to get 570 signatures each!  To see initiative, go to Secretary of State's site.  Write, today!  Thank you!
As the sponsor of the last anti-GMO petition, Initiative 1338 of the year 2014, I am happy to announce a new effort this year.  Although, I was very disappointed that some natural supporters of the general anti-GMO effort bailed out on me in '14 or never helped at all. This year, however, I think I can get some of them and the general public to get behind this latest proposal.  It's going to take some work, not only by me, but hundreds of volunteers.  There are very few differences between what will be the new initiative, that hasn't been assigned a number yet, and 1338; such as an updated date for commencement of the law.  Remember, 1338 was not the same as the more renowned initiative that made the ballot in 2013, the latter which ha…