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Huff-McConnell Elections Dept. Forgets Eastside Ballots

The (Logan)-Huff-McConnell Elections Office failed to mail out thousands of ballots to Eastside voters before realizing their mistake according to an article on Sound Politics (Oct. 28, 2011), which they apparently got from the Seattle Times.  Of course, the Mainstream Media has either been keeping this quiet or buried in their back pages, or announced in the wee hours of the night when most people are asleep.  Once again, the failure to put in safeguards to protect vital functions at Elections has led to more follies at the Potemkin Village, and as usual, pretty much ignored by the press.  It's not too late to mail your voting ballot in (if you have actually received it) for Mark Greene for Director of Elections.  If you haven't received your ballot in the mail, you can call the Elections Dept., or go to one of their offices at the annex in downtown Seattle or the main office in Renton, and request a provisional ballot.

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Publicola's Lies

So far, the smears have generally been based on opinions, but today took it a step farther by making outright false statements and allegations about me, which may be construed as defamation.  They may think that they have a legal right to lie because they are a so-called journalistic entity and this is a public case about a candidate/public figure, but I'm willing to test that theory in a court of law. I was absolutely amazed while reading their "ratings article" about me, and at least one false statement could be rebutted by just looking at my voters' guide statement, and now I know how some celebrities feel when they complain about tabloids just making up stuff about them out of thin air. Publicola should not be surprised, come December or January, or a little later, if they get served a summons and a complaint. They should do the right thing now, and retract their falsehoods, immediately.

- by Mark Greene (Please, see update below.)

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Sign of Victory

Supporters of Logan-Huff-McConnell elections are getting worried about my 15 month campaign. They are resorting to smears, some of them outlandish, to try to stop the momentum of my campaign, a sure sign that nobody is sure who is going to win this election. It's amazing how people talk the talk about how they are tired of the Establishment, and then do everything possible to keep them firmly in place. I'm not sure whether they are hypocrites or delusional. More than ever, with ballots out, I need those who want the people of King County to be empowered through their votes to assure that I get enough votes by spreading the word about my campaign. The election for director of elections is real close, the opposition is in disarray, and victory is at hand.

- by Mark Greene

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