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Marine Veteran

Mark Greene is a veteran of the Marine Corps; he served on active duty from 1972 to 1974. At one point during his Marine tenure, Mark was nominated for meritorious promotion. Mark was honorably discharged in 1975. Presently, Mark is not a candidate for sheriff, but is pursuing his electoral options after an apparent loss for King County Council.

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Same Old Elections Department

Once again, the King County Elections Department has proven to be arrogant and disdainful of common candidates by being uncommunicative and keeping their dismissive and surly attitude towards those that are not incumbents or without big campaign funds. This attitude has been ongoing for years and nothing has changed since the newly established election for director of elections.

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"Commons" to Field Write-In Candidate for Sheriff

Under our philosophy that there should be no uncontested elections, especially for significant offices, the Party of Commons has decided to field a write-in candidate for King County Sheriff in the 2009 general election. For now, we are making preparations, deciding on a candidate to challenge the incumbent, and not saying much else about it. We will probably need a candidacy petition for whoever we select as our candidate, and if there is no general interest in having a contested election, this effort may fail by October 1. That date is a self-imposed deadline as far as determining whether our candidate will officially file as a write-in candidate with the King County Elections office. If the filing could not take place at least by the first seven days in October, we do not think the effort could be taken seriously. We will need registered voters to express interest in this endeavor and sign a candidacy petition.

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No Concession

In the 9th District King County Council primary, as part of the overall King County primary election, reportedly only half the votes are in, approximately. Mark Greene and the Party of Commons do not concede anything based on just half. Since the early numbers don't look promising for this election, however, Mark is busily preparing to make the ballot and campaign for the "Top 2" United States Senate Primary in 2010. Thanks to all the 9th District voters who voted for Mark. These voters will be very important in determining next year's Senate election. Mark could get 10% of the vote in the council primary as the percentage of votes may increase in the later counts. Ten percent for Mark from King County in next year's Senate primary, in which there is likely to be a crowded field, would loom large in qualifying him for the 2010 general election.

Mark and the Party of Commons will downgrade our cooperation with the Seattle Times newspaper and, und…

Blog News XVIII

There is a new post in "Senator," which can be seen by clicking on title link.


The Party of Commons has decided to name Booker T. Washington into our Hall of Fame on Labor Day, this year. We will have a post about this great, influential turn-of-the-20th-Century statesman on or around Labor Day, 2009, in "Senator."

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