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The campaign for lieutenant governor of Washington has been resurrected with the dawn of the New Year.  Mark Greene is busily campaigning amongst the people and assuring the people that he is their candidate and not the candidate of the corporations.  Your help is needed to get Mark on the ballot.  Please, sign the election candidacy petition if you see it or request one petition page to be mailed to you by the campaign, and please try to get 2 - 10 signatures.  It seems that the blogging problem that we were concerned about earlier this month was due to significant technical changes by Blogger, recently.  We are doing our best to adjust to the new changes.  Now, that the political calendar is earlier than of recent years, the petition will have to be turned in earlier as well, so help with the petition is imperative lest we have to settle for the same ol' "Democratic-Republican Party" as our only choice. You probably noticed that the word "Party" is not plura…