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The Donkey In the Room

Besides all the flowery speeches at the Republican Party Convention in Tampa last week, all that was not shown was the elephant in the room, corporate fascism at home and imperialist doctrinaires at the ready (headed by the odious John Bolton, who is anxious to shape the foreign policy agenda come January 20, 2013), glossed over by that ever dependable facade of phony patriotism and dividing the masses through class and race.  Ditto for the Democratic Party Convention in Charlotte that took place this week, which merely put a donkey in the elephant's place, a kind of metaphor for squeezing the average person a little more gently and being less blustery and foolhardy than Mr. Bolton and his team -- perhaps.  That's the best we can hope for from these two conventions, but we would rather have a strong third party that would show both the elephant and the donkey to the door.

Post-script:  Charlotte Convention Democrats tried to take the Almighty out of their platform, but had a ch…

They Couldn't Shine Uncle Tom's Shoes

I was tempted to call the Establishment/status quo newspaper editors of the Seattle Medium, "Toms," again, but the more I learn about Uncle Tom, a victim of his circumstances and also a mystifying hero, the more deserving of respect his 19th century life should have.  Whoever the real Uncle Tom was, his memory has my respect.  The Seattle Medium couldn't shine Uncle Tom's shoes.  This "newspaper's" mission is to serve and bow to the elites and upper crust professionals of the Seattle area at the expense of commoners and our egalitarian political aspirations.  Please, remember that before you follow their odious election endorsements.

- by Mark Greene

[revised on 8/28/13]

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Mark is probably the only politician in Washington that had the temerity to keep…


Imagine the newspaper of the rich and the business elites of the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Times, telling people how to vote in elections this year.  This newspaper is terrible: including general non-objectivity, ignoring or waving away the theft of elections right in their "jurisdictional" backyard in the last eight years, helping Sherril Huff win the election of 2011 as Director of Elections in King County by not covering the opposition election campaign at all, and not even giving the results of all candidates' (in all manner of elections) vote totals in a widely-viewed format of their paper.  This is not a newspaper for commoners.  We hope voters take their election advice with a grain of salt, but more than anything we hope that voters think for themselves rather than letting a very small collection of elites tell them how to vote.

[revised on 2/12/2013]

If possible, please, consider contributing to the Party of Commons by sending a check or money order ($10 re…