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President-Elect Obama

Barack Obama won the presidential election, tonight. Congratulations to him (he was the best choice of the two corporate mainstream choices), but we should not delude ourselves into thinking that his election signifies some kind of a promised land for the American people.

Obama ran an essentially Bush-lite campaign which was personified by his voting for Bush's surveillance bill; besides taking apart the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, it gave a misguided lawsuit immunity to telecommunication companies that assisted the Bush rule in their lawbreaking. It's unclear to us, at this time, whether the bill provides ongoing immunity for these kinds of companies. The bill, now law, ratifies Bush's illegal eavesdropping on American citizens who were not even suspect in any wrongdoing, let alone there being probable cause for even the least of crimes.

Obama wants to keep American forces in Iraq for at least 16 months, and apparently a large residual force even after that period. T…