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Mark's Running for State Representative

It's official. Mark Greene is running for state representative in the 41st District, position #2, in the Washington Legislature. His likely competitor is Judy Clibborn, the incumbent. We will be going over her record with a fine tooth comb and publishing it on one of our blogs. Mark had a choice of running for the other representative position that has a freshman legislator, but decided to run against someone with a long voting history that is probably part and parcel of the reason why Washington has lost faith in its politicians. Mark will be running simultaneously for the state house of representatives (election in 2010) and secretary of state (election in 2012).

[revised on 2/11/10]

You can contribute to Mark's representative campaign by sending a check or money order to Mark Greene for Representative Committee, P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009.

Please, also contribute to Mark's Secretary of State campaign by clicking on the title link above and making selections of how…

Profile In Courage

Sad sacks, Al Gore and John Kerry, in 2000 and 2004, respectively, let George Bush, Jr. steal presidential elections from them, and in Kerry's case, without even the least little fight. As for Gore, he looked ridiculous as he first conceded the election, thereby yielding the high ground to Bush, and then decided to let his lawyers contest the election. After the Supreme Court stupefyingly stopped a Floridian vote count, Gore didn't try to stop Bush's coronation through the House of Representatives. Neither of the sad sacks have the gumption or courage of Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko, a dynamic politician who was one of the leaders of the Orange Revolution that overthrew a rigged presidential vote several years ago, and this year, as a candidate for president, is still determined to make sure there is an honest vote count in the wake of last weekend's Ukrainian election. If the "Democrats" in America had even half the courage of Tymoshenko, they might cou…

Will Authorities Arrest Nemesis of "Commons"?

Now that Mark Greene has all but decided to run for the state house of representatives in Washington's 41st district in 2010, and is simultaneously a candidate for secretary of state in 2012, the remote control nemesis disrupting the chairman's computer is now actively interfering in an active election campaign, but do the authorities care? Not hardly. In authoritarian America, Uncle Sam's agents (or their proxies) have free rein to do whatever they damn well please, disrupt elections, steal mail, make warrantless wire taps, and particularly harass vulnerable law-abiding political groups who don't get support from either of the two-party colossuses. There will be no arrests and no penalties for disrupting and interfering in these elections in America, willfully causing our side to be at a distinct disadvantage. Par for the course in 2010. Now, time for the authoritarian hypocrites to preach to the rest of the world about freedom and democracy.

[revised on 2/9/10]