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Sympathy for Poland's Loss

The Party of Commons extends our sympathy to the people of Poland for the loss of their president, Lech Kaczynski, his wife, Maria, and many other leaders and citizens of Poland in a tragic airplane crash in Russia.  Party chairman, Mark Greene, traveled to Poland in 2003 and greatly appreciated the hospitality of the Polish people in Warsaw.  Mark's first electoral accomplishments in his long political career were winning precinct victories for the 1976 Michigan House of Representatives primary in predominately Polish-American neighborhoods in Detroit, which was one of the reasons why he set out to see the great country of Poland.  We offer our condolences to the families of the deceased.

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An Unconstitutional Bill

Odious politicians, John McCain of Arizona and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, have introduced a bill in the U.S. Senate called the Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010, which would basically give military commanders and the president authority to arrest American citizens or others for vague reasons, which inevitably would include exercising First Amendment rights of dissenting against government policy, without constitutionally-based warrants or trials (in other words, an unconstitutional bill). The militarization of America, locally, nationally and in international locales has been ongoing for decades, including the end of a 100-plus year old law called "Posse Comitatus" during the Bush II years, which prior to its dismantlement had basically forbade the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement. All of this is a shift from the Constitution towards fascism. If there are legitimate terrorism-related concerns that need to be further…

Helper of the Poor

Similar to the calls in the New Testament to help the poor, the ACORN organization that has been the object of reckless criticism, propaganda outbursts, and defunding by Congress, has done exactly that, assisting the poor and the downtrodden with voter registration, housing, legal services, etc.  No wonder that the corporate mainstream news media, especially the FOX network propagandists, made up a scandal out of bare cloth and was instrumental in turning it into a national brouhaha.  Of course, the "Republican" network does not want the poor voting in great numbers, because they tend not to vote for Republicans, which is why FOX will take advantage of any flimsy evidence or outright fabrication to make an organization that helps the poor look bad.  "FOX News" is not really a news organization, it is essentially a network of right-wing political operatives.  Our only question is why did the Democratic-controlled Congress go along with this defunding of ACORN when i…

West Virginia Mining Tragedy

The nation was sad today and yesterday to learn about the coal mining tragedy that killed scores in West Virginia, and hopes for the best in the effort to rescue any survivors.  Despite improvements over the last half century in improving mining safety, more has to be done to ensure that mine operators abide by the current regulations, and more regulations are probably needed since the former Bush regime de-regulated just about everything during their eight years of misrule.

Post-script (written on April 8, 2010):  The Party of Commons offers our condolences to the families of the deceased miners.

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A Menace to Public Health

Genetically engineered (GE) food, which is the destabilization of the natural molecular structure of seeds and plants, and not merely the hybridization of different plants and crops, is a menace to public health.  However, the corrupt political legislative bodies and administrators in America are under orders from their corporate bosses not to allow the public the choice of whether to consume these experimental degenerate foods by refusing to mandate labeling of GE products.  Labeling is far from a ban that exists in more enlightened areas, from a public health standpoint, like the European Union, but at least the consumer would know which foods contain GE and which does not.  A ban could be instituted later, after labeling would show the folly of trying to make this ill-considered experiment on Mother Nature and the American public acceptable.

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