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Harding & Coolidge: Common Sense Presidents

The following essay was written two years ago (1/7/07) on the Party of Commons blog.

President Warren Harding, the president during the early 1920's, preached a policy of America minding her own business and staying out of foreign conflicts. A prudent president who tried and succeeded in keeping the U.S. out of conflicts, and whose secretary of state, Charles Evans Hughes, presided over the Washington Naval Conference of 1921-1922, which was a major international disarmament accord. President Calvin Coolidge, who succeeded to the presidency after the death of Mr. Harding, was likewise prudent in foreign policy, although he did send a Marine peacekeeping contingent to Nicaragua as a result of the civil war there. In 1928, the Coolidge Administration also signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact (also called Pact of Paris) which sought to rule out war as a means of settling international disputes. It was a noble effort by President Coolidge and his secretary of state, Frank Kellogg, but the tr…

Bush's Terrible Thousand Year Legacy

Recently, someone expressed to the chairman of the P.O.C. that Bush may not have had a great record, but at least he was competent at securing the nation. The chairman, almost at a lost for words when confronted with this ignorance, disagreed with the man, and expressed his contrary opinion. This not exactly rare sentiment about Bush could not be further from the truth.

First of all, did this man forget who was president when "9-11" happened? Before the terrible tragedy of that day in 2001, Bush's agents knew that something along the lines of what actually happened at "9-11" could happen or would happen, but Bush's national security advisor at the time, Condoleezza Rice, could not come up with a cohesive strategy to counteract what was being suggested in the urgent classified reports that she was getting, or simply did not come up with a strategy.

Secondly, without going into too long of a litany about Bush's foreign misadventures, goading wars in Lebano…