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The Experience Issue

Catch 22

We saw through our crystal ball :) that before this election is over virtually all the editorialists and pundits will tell the public about all the experience that Ms. Huff has without even mentioning her opponent's name, or maligning anybody without experience. Yes, she has experience alright, being a Democratic Party insider, and being appointed to nearly all of her important positions, and since there are few election director positions in the state, she should naturally have a position for as long as she likes, along with her $146,000 per year salary. Mark doesn't play insider games, so he will have to be elected through his own merits: election reform activist for a decade, studying election administration diligently, and being a part of several election law cases. If elected, Mark will also ask the K.C. Council to decrease director's salary by 33%. That's about right.


[revised on 3/1/11].

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Blog News XLVI

There have been a lot of interesting goings ons in the news, lately, that we haven't commented on, because of the time needed to work on the director of elections campaign. Such as the uprisings against autocrats in the Middle East. Imagine the now ex-dictator of Egypt being depressed, so it was reported, after he has made a career of making other people depressed. There was an interesting article in the New York Times about large amounts of money being wasted on loony spy gadgets. Also, in the news, drones that have caused so much destruction and grief to civilians in southwest Asia are coming full-scale to America with Uncle Sam's blessing; perhaps they'll start off with just the non-weaponized Orwellian spying version if we're "lucky". As we implied before, drones should be generally banned by conventions and treaties. Protests in Madison, WI against union-busting by Wisconsin's governor hark back to the spirited anti-interventionist/countercultura…