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Under the Radar

While campaigning for King Co. Director of Elections, Mark Greene gets a few condescending smirks and smiles, and of course the corporate mainstream news media doesn't even notice, but Mark is quietly working the rounds of East King County, speaking about election administration reform and integrity, and the current mismanagement at King Co. Elections, as well as meeting thousands of people, and building support for his campaign.  Mark practically likes being ignored by the corporatist-run media; better for his campaign to concentrate on the grassroots effort than trying to impress the establishment that is going to endorse the Logan-Huff regime next year, anyway.  Next year, Mark will expand his campaign to the north, west and south, and of course to the City of Seattle where the crescendo building to an upset victory in 2011 will pave the way for an election department where reform, integrity and professionalism are first and foremost.

Please, contribute to Mark's simultaneou…