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Renter from Kansas

The New York Times' cynical story about Senator Pat Roberts, a Kansas senator, is another example of the class divisions that are roiling the nation of late, as though a renter who was also a senator was some kind of scandal.  Senator Roberts stays in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. while he's working, and rents in his home state.  So what -- what's he suppose to do, commute to Kansas everyday?  As for these congresspersons that commute very long distances, even continental ones, every weekend, that's their prerogative, but it's quite understandable if somebody doesn't want to do that, not that we know how often Senator Roberts gets back to Kansas.  The point is that the Times is subtly implying that renters are somehow not real citizens and have no business being in the Senate, which is ridiculous and quite disrespectful to the multitude of citizens who don't own homes.

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