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Obama Admin. Should Quash Anti-Missile Deployment

President Obama made an impressive speech in Prague, Czech Republic last week, the centerpiece being his call for a world free of nuclear armaments. Although this is not a particularly new sentiment by those involved in the international nuclear non-proliferation effort, even by former American presidents, it is noteworthy nonetheless that Obama is bringing attention to this urgent issue.

However, Obama's call for worldwide nuclear disarmament is at odds with his consent to the missile defense system in far away Eastern Europe, which was originally initiated by the Bush rule. This system calls for a missile tracking radar station in the Czech Republic and missile interceptors in Poland to supposedly stop Iranian missiles which might head that way. Iran has not been at war with any European country recently, so why is this a concern? Even if it is a valid concern, wouldn't this be more of a NATO obligation, which therefore would mean our nation shouldn't be paying most …

The Complex's World Vision

When the Limbaugh-ites at Sound Politics, the main Seattle-area "conservative" blog, start applauding Patty Murray, you know that the mom-in-tennis shoes "populist" is anything but a populist. They congratulated her this week in siding with defense contractors to build a certain defense project that the blog likes. Whether or not we agree on that particular defense issue is beside the point (we haven't studied it, yet), but this senator is joined at the hip to the defense contractors that, no doubt, donate handsomely to her campaign coffers. We have long said that Murray is a shill for the military industrial complex and nothing that the latter does is wrong as far as she is concerned. Naked imperialism is fine with Patty Murray as long as it provides money and jobs for the economy, and for her campaign coffers. We take a different point of view. Jobs are important, but without compunction about what is the worth of certain jobs, and whether they enhance so…

The New Fascism

An official with Campaign for Liberty, a group associated with Congress's great dissenter, Ron Paul, was recently detained in the airport of Saint Louis, Missouri because he was carrying too much money, somewhere between 4K and 5K (he was holding the group's funds in his capacity as an official). The official, Steve Bierfeldt, was also harassed by the TSA agents that detained him. Since when did it become illegal to carry too much cash? It probably became de facto illegal around the same time that the government started passing the various unconstitutional forfeiture laws, we believe during the Reagan era of the 1980's, wherein officials can expropriate your property without charging you with a crime. This started as part of the asinine "war on drugs." Bierfeldt was eventually released without charge, and without the group's money being expropriated, after undergoing around 30 minutes of profanity-filled intimidation and detention.

These anti-cash carrying r…