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Blog News LXXII

Congress is really more dubious than we really knew, so why does America keep voting the same guys back in when at least "cleaning house" every couple of years until we get it right would be better than keeping them around in office session after session?  As everybody knows, the majority votes like clockwork, unfortunately, and thus the congressional elections are very predictable.  The GMO (genetically modified organisms) tragedy is a case in point.  When researchers and scientists have continually pointed out the agricultural dangers and health risks of GMOs, and Congress and the Obama govt. continue to prop up the purveyors of GMOs without so much as requiring labeling of their Frankensteinian products, then we know for sure that these elected officials are just lining their pockets (or campaign treasuries) with the money of the corporate behemoth rather than serving the public interest.

For more information about the ill effects of GMO's as well as informati…