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Big Business and Tax Shelters

While the Washington state government practically goes broke, big business in this state is keeping a lot of well needed taxable funds hidden through tax shelters, such as forming business entities in other states as a way to avoid taxes here. Legislators in Washington willingly allow this to happen, although they could block some of these practices, because they are in the hip pocket of big business. The State of Washington could also get its fair share of individual multi-million dollar capital gains that are derived from doing business here. Capital gains have been taxed less on a percentage basis than taxes on average workers in America. Instead legislators would rather add more and higher fees for state services and drive up college tuition for state colleges. State expenditures, after all, are for the commons (everyone who lives in Washington): roads, transit, security, colleges, environmental and forestry programs, health and welfare services, and the general functioning of st…

Organizing the Youth Vote

In the 41st District state representative election, the youth vote will be critical for the success of Mark Greene and the Party of Commons (the one party that is advocating the vote for those ages 16 and 17). Mark will be visiting the community college campuses in the 41st district and the University of Washington in trying to organize and pick up this vote as he will speak to youth issues concerning the budget crisis in Washingon state, out-of-control college tuition costs, trade issues that have a big effect on the economy (the Party of Commons is calling for more and larger tariffs to protect American jobs), and the shrinking of the middle class as income gaps between economic classes get bigger.

Please, contribute to Mark's Secretary of State campaign by clicking on the title link above and making selections of how you want to donate. Thank you!

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