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It's Official

It's official, now, I made the ballot for Lieutenant Governor of Washington on Friday, May 18th, and the campaign will be continuing.  Blog writing in the last few months has been minimal for various reasons, but I expect to be writing at least once a week from this point on.  Since this is a people's campaign, do not be surprised to find negativism about it from the Establishment vanguard & their sycophants, especially from the so-called Left, somewhat surprisingly.  Your financial or moral support will be appreciated by me and my staff.  Thank you.

by Mark Greene

[updated on 5/30/12]

If possible, please, consider contributing to campaign: make selections of how you want to donate, or send check or money order to Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor Comm., P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Also, Mark is depending on supporters to spread the word about the campaign to get around the media bias regarding non-establishment campaigns. Thank you! Mark is probably the only polit…