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"Commons" Names Ellen Elizabeth Greene to Hall of Fame

On June 4th, 2009, the Party of Commons has named Ellen Elizabeth Greene (1933 - 2006), teacher, counselor and theologian, Mark's late mother, to the Party of Commons's Hall of Fame, along with the "Great Commoner," William Jennings Bryan, who was named at the party's inception on November 23rd, 2006.

[revised on 6/5/09]


A full review about our second and latest Hall of Fame choice will be posted on our blog, "Senator," in the coming days.

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Campaign of the Masses

True to his word, Mark Greene filed for King County Council in council district no. 9, yesterday, as Mark begins his campaign of the masses. Naturally, keeping our surrogate questions relevant, Beverly Tonda filed on the day after Mark's filing. We doubt that Dunn would have any challengers at all if Mark had not been a candidate. Do not expect the corporate mainstream news media to examine the ties, if any, between Tonda and Reagan Dunn. The corporate mainstream news media is backing Reagan Dunn, lock, stock and barrel, and don't be surprised if they give Tonda a runners-up approval so that Dunn can have a free ride from August to November (the same way they did for Jason Osgood in last year's Secretary of State primary, in order to clear the way for Sam Reed). The Seattle corporate mainstream news media, by and large, will of course not even bother to have editorial interview charades; that much you can be assured of.

The Party of Commons is relying on the masses to publ…

County Shenanigans (Politics As Usual)

Amazing! Here in King County, Washington state, we have one of the most corrupt county councils in America, if not the most corrupt, and a majority of them are up for re-election this year (5 of 9), but only one of them, Reagan Dunn, has known challengers: the chairman of the Party of Commons, Mark Greene, and a town clerical worker named Beverly Tonda. As of today, neither of the challengers have filed. We're not making any allegations so far, but it's not unheard of in politics for surrogates to be put up to running by sympathizers of the incumbent, if not in fact by "lieutenants" from the incumbent's campaign, to dilute the vote of the strongest challenger.

This King County Council is the same council that tried to make it extremely hard to amend the county charter by putting up a ballot question (which is very easy for them to do; they don't have to collect petition signatures) that would have doubled the number of signatures for lay citizens to put up…