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Blog News II

[revised on 5/4/09; updates]

As the main blog for the Party of Commons, starting today "Commoner" will keep you up to date with the other posts that we make on our other blogs. Our "Twitter" site [] will also do this, complimenting "Commoner." In this way, readers of "Commoner" will not have to check all of the other blogs to know if there has been a new posting on one or more of them.

Recent posts:

UPDATE: May 4th on "Coliseum" -
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UPDATE: May 3rd on "Senator" -
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UPDATE: May 2nd on "Coliseum" -

May 1st on "Senator" -

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First Person essay by the Party of Commons's chairman, Mark Greene

[revised on 4/29/09]

We have changed our mind about the name of our new blog; we have decided to call it, well, "Sugarfoot."

When I was a very young kid in the early 1960's, running around outside playing in the daytime, and doing some homework and watching cowboy tv shows in the evening, my favorite show was "Sugarfoot." Believe it or not, I can still remember the primary actor's name without looking it up, Will Hutchins. Sugarfoot, which was the moniker for Hutchins's character, was affable, easy-going, and minded his own business until he was forced to be a sometimes gunslinger by the bad guys of the American West. Sugarfoot was nice but tough.

The Party of Commons's new blog, "Sugarfoot," will be the main place for our manifestos, platforms and communication of ideas: idealism in a pragmatic world. Too often in politics, parties compromise their values in order to get …

Torture Debate Is Ridiculous

"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy." - BOOK OF MATTHEW

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. - CONSTITUTION

It is ridiculous that whether torture is proper or not is even being debated in America, today, since the answer is very obviously "no." It is time to tell apologists for torture that their position is beyond the pale and crosses a red line in respect to morality and the law of the land, and it does not matter whether this descent into the fringes of Hell can extract information that is wanted. Discussion closed - now please start the prosecutions, Mr. Holder.


Our new blog, "Coliseum" (about which is written a little in the previous post), is up and going. You can see it by clicking on the title link, above.

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Blog News I

From time to time on "Commoner," we will publish Blog News, which will give some insight about our other blogs, especially the two newly established ones.

On "Senator," which started on April 25th, the first few essays have been entitled as follows: "'Senator' Prologue;" "Initiatives Papers Submitted to Secretary of State;" "New Orleans and Detroit;" and "Who Wants to Disarm the Nation? Almost Nobody."

"Senator" can be read by clicking on the title link above.

On "Evergreen," which started on April 24th, the first couple of essays have been entitled as follows: "'Evergreen' Prologue;" and "'Green' Political Prisoners in America."


Today, upon learning that Yahoo, Inc. will be closing our free websites, we have started our third new blog in four days called "Coliseum" on this 27th day of April. Read more about "Coliseum" and "Senato…