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Policy Differences Between "Commons" and Reed

(This essay shows a major revision in the first paragraph on 11-21-09.)

Mark Greene, the Party of Commons's candidate for Washington Secretary of State in 2012, differs with the current Secretary, Sam Reed, on the policy of turning over petition names to the public. Reed wants the public to have access to petition signers and the information they put on petitions. Mark, however, believes that petitions should be private information between signers, petitioners and the government. "Commons" would go along with a redacted electronic format only upon request from any registered voter and shown only at a government site, as long as signatures, surnames and addresses were not shown. This would at least be verification of the number of people who signed the petition. Reed's make-everything-available position lessens privacy rights and would make people less inclined to sign petitions, making the varied petition processes even more difficult than what they already are.


Creepy Experiments Trying to Resurrect Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs of a very long ago planet Earth had a long lifeline, and human beings have a long way to go to match their longevity, so let the dinosaur era pass without further ado. However, there are some scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists, as those shown on the "60 Minutes" TV program, today, who are strangely trying to resurrect dinosaurs by trying to extract very ancient dinosaur DNA, thereby hoping to produce dinosaur offspring through gene manipulation. As if with all the problems the world has as it is, we needed a new age of dinosaurs.

They are also playing around with birds, trying to create hybrid dinosaur/birds. These aren't the only scientists trying to play God, there are no doubt tens of thousands of harebrained schemes being incubated in laboratories around the world that could be the greatest of follies if any of them ever succeeded beyond their creator's wildest dreams. Just because human beings that call themselves scientists can scie…