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The Municipal League of King County: Partisan, Preposterous, Perfidy

Establishment Puppets Try to Control Elections, Again.  Only Smart Voters Can Keep Them From Succeeding.
The Municipal League of King County is a joke, but kind of powerful since much of the Establishment Seattle Media worships them.  They have at least a score of unqualified people, openly active or behind the scenes, that know less about American politics than some 4th graders in elementary schools (let alone a long-time politician like me that has been interested in or studying politics & government since President Eisenhower's Era) rating candidates for office in an attempt to winnow out those who don't meet their very narrow criteria, which doesn't include "3rd" political parties like the Citizens Party, of course, and as usual, the kettle has the gall to call the pot black (and then some), as they even rate candidates that have the smarts not to show up to their partisan, preposterous show that has all the markings of perfidy.

After I have…